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Some of the names presented here are factual, some not. The ones that have been changed might simply be the result of me forgetting who they are. Too many characters in this twisted tale. This is the true story of one writer’s journey into the abyss of what may be known as “alternative science.” It is a simple recollection of the insanity of all that I experienced over the course of 20 years as a writer and publisher in the alt-science genre. Many of the people included in this treatise should not necessarily be considered kooks. They were, or are brilliant researchers whose work has been sadly misunderstood. If they are included here, it is because they fell into the realm of kookdom as I have defined it, and otherwise they should have been heralded as the geniuses that they actually were. As for my own kookiness, the mere fact that I took this on as a serious career rather than a curious avocation states the obvious. 

Meetings with Remarkable Kooks

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